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TechServ provides exact price quotes on all designs. These quotes represent the final price you will pay. There are no surprises when you get your invoice! All data received by TechServ is regarded as confidential, and of course we accommodate any nondisclosure agreement you may require.

Provide us your specifications and we will give you a quote that you'll find to be a cost effective alternative to your current design strategy.

There are two easy steps to obtain a quote.

  • Download our quotation worksheet. This is not required, but it allows you to gather your specifications and data off line, and at your convenience.
  • Send us your specifications. We offer many alternatives... email, secured BBS, or fax. in fact we even accept those old standbys... regular telephone calls or mail!
    • For email: Include a written description of your requirements (such as the quotation worksheet) and include any necessary data files as attachments.
    • For BBS: We must setup an account for you in advance. Please call to make these arrangements.
    • For Fax, Mail, or Telephone: See Contact Us.
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