Forum Archives

What are the Archives
The archives are the collection past messages that  have been posted to the forums. There are many tens of thousands of posts stored in their original format (as individual email messages).

Who Can Access Archives
Any forum member may search and retrieve archives for the forum to which they are a member. If you wish to retrieve archives but don't want to receive postings from the list, simply join, then set your mail options to suspend incoming mail. You will still be able to post messages or retrieve archives and digests whenever you wish.

Non members (as well as members) can also browse previous postings by visiting the mirrored archives which are hosted on The Mail Archive, a website devoted to archiving discussion forums. See How To Browse for links to the mirrored archives.

Browse or Search/Retrieve
What's the difference? Browsing allows you to view and read past postings using your web browser. You can also perform limited searches this way. It's a quick and simple way to stay in touch if you don't have access to your email or a way of catching up on recent messages that you may have missed. Browsing must be done on-line and it doesn't provide a way to save messages.

Search/Retrieve is different from browsing in that it doesn't allow you to read messages within your browser, instead it sends email/s to your email account in the same format as the original post, and even retains the original date. Since search/retrieve sends you copies of the original email postings, you can permanently save them and read or print them at your leisure when off-line just as you can do with any email message. The search/retrieve method is ideal when you've missed messages due to email failure or simply because you were not yet a member. Retrieving messages also allows you to perform more exhaustive searches using your email client or other software.

How to Browse
To browse the archives, visit one of the following sites.

Protel EDA Users [PEDA] 
Protel Developers [PDEV] 
Open Topic [OT]

How to Search/Retrieve
Always use the Search mode before Retrieving to verify that the number of emails is not too great. Careless use of the Retrieve mode may result in many thousands of emails being delivered to your inbox. Retrieve requests cannot be canceled after they have been initiated.

The Search mode will send a single email to you that summarizes the results of the search. The summary will list all email postings that match your search criteria including subject, date, and the member that submitted the email.

Once you've found what you are looking for in the summary, use Retrieve mode with the same criteria as you did with the Search and all the emails listed in the summary will be individually sent to you.

Use caution with the retrieve mode and always search first, otherwise you may inadvertently request thousands of emails.

Using Search/Retrieve form is simple.

  1. Setting the mode to Search which will email you a summary of all posts that match your search criteria.
  2. Choose a forum to search.
  3. Choose Date, subject, or sender's email and set your criteria. Searches are not case sensitive and wildcards * and ? are allowed, but use caution!
  4. Review the summary when in arrives in your email inbox. If you want to retrieve all the emails listed in the summary, go to the next step, otherwise return to step 1.
  5. Use the Retrieve mode with the same criteria as you did for the search. All the emails will be sent to you.

Proceed to the Search/Retrieve form if you wish to search or retrieve archived posts.

Retrieving Digests
Digests are a daily compilation of all the days emails. Digests are archived and may be retrieved. Since digests contain multiple emails, they cannot be searched, and retrieval is only by date. You can use the search mode locate the date of emails that interest you, then retrieve the digest/s for that date. Visit the Retrieve Digest page if you wish to retrieve digests.

Search/Retrieve Archives

Choose Mode:

Search (sends an email summary)
Retrieve (sends one email for each matching post)

Choose a forum:

Protel EDA Forum  (beginning 2001-02-02)
Protel Developers Forum  (beginning 2001-03-07)
Open Topic forum (beginning 2001-03-06)

Search & Retrieve by: Date (? or * allowed)
Sender's Email

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