Forum Advertising

Selective advertising is now available on the Association forums. There are some restrictions intended to maintain the quality of the forums.  These include quantity, and content. Our goal is to avoid overwhelming the forums with ads and to be sure that the ads are useful to the subscribers.

Placing an ad is quite simple. Just submit the ad to for approval and rate quote. Pay for the ad (you will not be invoiced) before you post your ad. Post your ad to the forum just like any other submission.

Ad Content
All ads must be submitted to for approval before ads are posted to the forum/s. Please use the following guidelines when submitting an ad for approval.

  • Indicate in which forum/s the ad will be posted.
  • The subject field must begin with "Product Announcement" or "Service Announcement" as appropriate.
  • The advertised product or service must be directly related to EDA. For example, an ad for a netlist translator is appropriate but an ad for a computer is not.
  • Text only, no graphics or file attachments are permitted with the exception of "text only" HTML files. HTML attachments must be kept very small.
  • The body of the email advertisement may be plain text or HTML. Be aware that many email clients cannot properly display HTML formatted messages.
Rates and Restrictions
Rates are determined by the number of subscribers in each of the forums. As the number of subscribers steadily increases, so do the ad rates.

You will automatically receive a rate quote when you submit an ad for approval.   You may also request a rate quote without submitting an ad. Rate quotes are valid for seven days and if advertising is not purchased within that time a new rate quote must be requested.

After advertising is purchased an approved ad may be posted immediately or some time within six months.

By purchasing advertising in advance (up to 6 months) you can lock in a lower rate. An additional 10% discount is applied to purchase of multiple ads.

Purchased advertising is not transferable. Approved advertisements may only posted by the original purchaser. Purchase of advertising is final, there are no refunds. Advertisements not posted within 6 months of purchase are forfeited.

Payment Terms
All advertising fees must be paid in advance of posting  an ad to the forum/s. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars with the funds made payable to TechServ.  Sorry, credit card payment is not available at this time. Payments must be postmarked on or before the date the approved advertisement is posted.


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